Q: Which DOS programs from the real Netware do I need?
A: For a minimal configuration you only need LOGIN.EXE. However, it makes sense to also install the following programs:
MAP.EXE : Drive mapping program.
CAPTURE.EXE : Printer redirection program.
SYSCON.EXE : Administration tool.

There is also a DOS client program in development, which will allow the use of mars_nwe without the original Novell DOS tools.

Q: I don't exactly understand the meaning of some points in nw.ini: 12,13
What will happen if I do not put PASSWORD here? Will it take it from /etc/passwd? I want it to be so.
A: These passwords will be stored (crypted) into bindery to can handle the crypted login call from a standard Novell client.

If you do not put a password in section 12, the supervisor login will be completely disabled; if you do not put passwords in section 13, the users will be able to login with no password: in neither case will passwords from /etc/passwd be used, except you are working with unencrypted passwords ( see section 7 ).

Q: What role plays: 15?
What if I will no supply passwd here
A: This is for automatic inserting UNIX users as mars_nwe users. All of these automatically inserted users will get the password as the crypted bindery password.
Q: File write does not work under Win3.1, WfW
A: Try updating C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\STORAGE.DLL. I find that earlier versions of this file evince the problem you describe under Windows 3.1 and 3.11. Precisely when this problem went away in STORAGE.DLL I don't know, but versions dated October 1994 or later are working for us.
(John Rigby)
Q: I do not have longfilenamesupport.
A: Give the volume the 'O' flag.
Set section 6 in nwserv.conf to > 0.
Win95, by default, does not use long filenames on a Netware 3.11 Win95, by default, does not use long filenames on a Netware 3.11 server. This is documented in the resource kit help file and elsewhere. You should read that to find out the ramifications, but with real Netware I've had good luck using the recommended registry settings. Here is a registry import file:

Pascal Haible reported that he had to set system.ini, too.

Q: I have 2 Eth-devices (one for IP/IPX and one for IPX only) and after starting mars_nwe I have strange problems with my IP-net.
A: Make sure that all Eth-devices have an assigned IP address, even if they are only used for IPX.
Q: I have arcnet cards and I don't find the frame type TRXNET.
A: The correct frame type is handled by the arcnet driver. You should use the 'dummy frame type' 802.3.
Q: The CONFIG_IPX_INTERN kernel option is *not* set but when I start 'nwserv' as root it says:
NWSERV 0:!! configuration error !!:
mars_nwe don't run with kernel 'full internal net'.
Change kernel option CONFIG_IPX_INTERN=NO (nobody needs it) or use 'ipxd' and change mars_nwe INTERNAL_RIP_SAP=0.
A: Sorry but mars_nwe can recognize this setting only at compile time, so you must compile mars_nwe again with actual kernel CONFIG_IPX_INTERN=NO settings.
Q: What is an easy way to get a 'clean' nwserv.conf file without comments.
A: Do a 'make showconf' in the mars_nwe directory or do a 'grep "^[ \t]*[0-9]" /etc/nwserv.conf'
Q: Which frame type should I use (Ethernet_II, 802.2, SNAP or 802.3)?
A: Use Ethernet_II on a new network as it can carry anything and everything (AFAIK) and doesn't have any of the potential disadvantages of the rest.

If you're trying to fit into an already established environment which doesn't use Ethernet II for IPX/SPX traffic then try using 802.2 if available. Netware v4 upwards uses this by default. Apparently OSI uses this as well.

I'll gloss over SNAP at this point, as I only know of it being used in Appletalk environments which I've never dealt with. I did just notice a comment in the Linux source tree about not using it for IP and IPX yet( ?).

Last, and pretty much least, comes 802.3 which is only used by IPX/SPX, and for less and less of that these days, but it shouldn't break anything if you have to use it. (Rick)

Q: Is "/dev/ipx" required. I find references in mars_nwe.
A: Under Linux it is not required. These references only concerne systems with TLI-interfaces, for example UnixWare (tm).


CONFIG_IPX=y (or m and ipx modul loaded (insmod ipx))
Look for using NO "full internal net". (kernel switch)
Please always read doc/INSTALL[.ger], doc/README[.ger], doc/FAQS and examples/nw.ini.
Very important sections in nwserv.conf (nw.ini) are:
Section 1: volumes
Section 3: Number of the internal network
Section 4: IPX-devices
Section 5: device flags
Section 6: version-"spoofing"
Section 12: supvervisor-login
If you do not have success, please make one try with the distributed config file(s) without changing it.
Important NEWS are reported in doc/NEWS
The logfiles "nw.log" and "nw.routes" are found in var/log
set nwserv.conf debug switches 101 . . 10x to "1", make a new try with a new started nwserv and look into the log-file (/tmp/nw.log).